Black Sands Properties. – We are full-stack digital intellectual property agency

We are full-stack digital intellectual property agency

We offer a full range of trademark, copyright and patent services to entrepreneurs, established businesses and other attorneys

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We specialize in serving the wide scope of trademarks related to Software, FinTech, and Brokerage activities. Our trademarks are registered all over the world: in the EU countries, Asia, Oceania. We grant non-exclusive licenses to use our trademarks.


A copyright cannot be registered but occurs automatically when one has created a work. In English, it is called “copyright” and it means exclusive rights to intellectual performance in various forms, as long as they are sufficiently original. Examples are music, texts, films, computer programs, building art and art of use.


With a granted patent, you have the exclusive right to your invention. Only you are allowed to manufacture, market and sell it unless you’ve given someone else permission.


Examples of business secrets are customer records and manufacturing methods. It is important that you limit the circuit that knows these and write smart agreements about what is applicable.

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